Medical Certificate Provided for in Article 5 of the European Agreement on Au Pair Placement

4th edition. AU PAIR DUTIES III.1 The Au Pair undertakes to work on the 7th day (babysitting included) and to help the family with their daily duties. Tasks include: (Detailed information about the tasks that the Au Pair is likely to perform can be found here. Only light tasks at home and in childcare are considered au pairs.) Cleaning and cleaning the personal Au Pair room is considered a private matter, not being part of household chores. III.2 The Au Pair undertakes to provide all the requested documents so that the Host can fulfil its obligations within the meaning of this Agreement. III.3 The Au Pair undertakes to present a medical certificate in accordance with Article 5 of the European Agreement on the Accommodation of the Au Pair. 8 7 Under Article 9 of the European Entry Convention, the time devoted to those services is not normally five hours per day. The maximum limit for working hours in Germany is six hours a day and 30 hours a week. 8 Under Article 5 of the European Convention on the Placement of Au Pairs, the medical certificate is issued less than three months before the start of the mediation, explaining the person`s general state of health. We assume no responsibility for the accuracy of the translations provided. Article 18 1.

When signing or submitting its instrument of ratification or acceptance or of a Member State, any signatory State may, at the time of submission of its instrument of accession, declare that it is making use of one or more of the reservations provided for in Annex II to this Convention. Another reservation is not allowed. 2. Any State or Contracting Party may withdraw, in whole or in part, a reservation made pursuant to the preceding paragraph by means of a declaration addressed to the Secretary General of the Council of Europe which shall take effect from the date of its receipt. I was hoping on the plane and left. The only health certificate I had with me was for my dog. One day together. I`ve been hiding for a week. I was in contact with a German family in Düsseldorf who were trying to get an au pair job and they just wrote to me that they wanted to hire me! I have only one question on this issue of the European Convention on Au Pairs: NB: Unofficial Translation Tort Liability Act (412/1974) Chapter 1 Scope This law applies to liability for damages. In case of doubt, the original contract will continue to apply. 4 5 Article 10 1.

By entering in Annex I to this Agreement, each Party shall indicate the benefits to which a person who has placed „Au Pair” in its territory is entitled in the event of illness, maternity or accident. 2. Where the benefits listed in Annex I cannot be covered by the national social security legislation or other official schemes of the host country, the competent member of the host family shall subscribe to private insurance at his own expense. Article 6(1) The rights and obligations of the „Au Pair” person and the beneficiary family as defined in this Agreement will be the subject of a written agreement to be concluded between the parties concerned in the form of a single document or an exchange of letters, preferably before the person leaves „Au Pair” from the country in which this person was domiciled. at the latest during the first week of mediation. Go to your doctor and he will dig a little deeper and then issue a certificate. Everything is completely harmless. You may need it for your visa, so don`t skip this step. However, unless there are other provisions of this or any other law, that law is 2 I.

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