Wandsworth Planning Performance Agreement

For home-related questions, a general advice service is available. Please send an e-mail to: planning@wandsworth.gov.uk All AAEs are made in accordance with the Localism Act 2011 and the Local Government Act 1972, 2000 and 2003. Section 93 of the Local Government Act 2003 authorizes local planning authorities to collect fees for the provision of discretionary services and the legislation specifies that in the case of royalties, they must not exceed the costs of providing the service. A Planning Performance Agreement (AAE) is a voluntary agreement between the local planning authority and a potential candidate to provide a project management framework for the processing of a development proposal from the application for membership to the decision. The “General Projects” page on the planning portal site is a good place to start if you are unsure of the planning process and requirements. You will learn more about planning rules, planning limits and building rules for more than fifty common building projects for the home. Sometimes it may be necessary to order qualified specialists to verify information submitted on viability, engineering, legal issues, wind, light, sustainability, environmental impact assessment or other areas recognized by the local planning authority and the applicant and requiring independent specialized advice. The applicant bears the reasonable costs incurred by the Commission. These costs are subject to prior agreement and/or an appropriate cap on third-party taxes. AAEs are particularly useful for larger and more complex projects that identify and address key planning issues (e.B.g., layout, scale, mix, design, highways and residential construction) before applying for development. However, applications of any kind and complexity can benefit from an AEA, including compliance with conditions.

For more information, see the PPA model (pdf, 360 KB). The cost of an AEA depends on the extent of the application, resources and number of meetings required, as well as the input needs of public servants. As soon as the PPP project is completed and submitted to the local planning authority, the applicant is informed of the necessary fee. We offer a reduced and comprehensive PPA service. An abbreviated AAE may be advised prior to application for relatively advanced proposals, less sensitive sites or places where potential problems are reasonably known. Additional expertise from consultants outside the planning and transportation department may be required. These include expertise in the fields of environmental health, housing, arboriculture and ecology. These contributions will need to be funded by the applicant at an hourly rate.

For a more detailed response, you can get a pre-consultation for a development proposal that will allow you to use the Commission`s application form to submit a formal application and pay the correct fee.