Community Agreement

Make sure you clarify what each item means. For example, “being respectful” can mean different things in different contexts. Also look at active consent: are these the guidelines that want to govern the group? Is anyone worried about her? Review these guidelines until participants are satisfied and feel ready to join the collective agreement. Members agreed to minimize the negative effects of most of these repressive ideologies, because they are all interconnected and relevant to our work. This involves engaging in learning and learning through workshops, policy development, community cooperation, etc., and can be achieved together. The members of the group are responsible for each other and the Community as a whole and are responsible for direct and open communication, transparency and how we share and distribute power. All conference participants agreed to abide by these agreements. Please pay attention to your own actions, be open to observing your behaviour and be open to sharing comments with others about their actions. In inter-communal relational agreements, it is a question of how we want to be in a relationship (z.B. tell the truth, be present). Other ways to establish group agreements may be more appropriate for shorter meetings or workshops or for groups that do not deal with emotional or controversial topics. This includes: Take the time to define what a community agreement means. Change this definition if it is useful: — This is not a comprehensive policy and should serve as an example, proposal and/or springboard for a more robust, sustainable and relevant policy developed by any person, group or organisation that wishes to use it as a starting point for the development of safer space policies/community agreements/group directives that meet their specific needs.

We share our stories to develop a collective understanding of experiences in our community and seek our next elegant steps. When listening, remember that you can also use group chords for group project work. Allow each time group to develop its own cooperation agreements. This can help relieve the stress of ambiguous expectations of group work, help students engage for themselves and resolve conflicts together. Discipline: Teambuilding und Community AgreementsAge Range: 10-Estimated Time: 20-60 minutes What You Need: All the handmade materials you want to use. You can really be creative and use everything that is most complete for the group you are working with. Don`t need art much? In the Community Agreement project contributions, you`ll find ideas for creating a community agreement with your computer or everyday household items.