Comcast Residential Service Agreement

g. Third. Notwithstanding the contrary provisions of this Agreement, you recognize and understand that we may use third parties to provide components of the Service, including, but not limited, to their services, equipment, infrastructure or content. We are not bound by a commitment, insurance or guarantee provided by an agent or staff of our company or our third-party suppliers or underlying suppliers in connection with the installation, maintenance or provision of (s) service (s) if this obligation, warranty or guarantee is inconsistent with the terms of this Agreement. We are not responsible for services, equipment, infrastructure and content that we do not provide, nor are we responsible for the provision (or non-performance) of third-party services, devices, infrastructure or content, even though they are part of the Service, and we are not responsible for these services, equipment, infrastructure and content. You should address questions or concerns about these services, equipment, infrastructure and content to the providers of these services, equipment, infrastructure and content. We do not support or guarantee third-party products, services or content that are distributed or promoted through the Services. d. Alternative billing agreements. We may accept the provision of billing services on behalf of third parties. Such taxes must be paid by third parties under a contract or other agreement between you and the third party. We are not responsible for disputes over these costs between you and those third parties. For california West Bay Area and San Francisco, California customers.

If we do not have an appointment with TV, we will credit your account with a free (free) installation call or a minimum credit of $20 if the appointment was scheduled for an installation or service call for which a fee should be charged. A. You can view the latest version of our privacy policy in d. End-user software licenses. Software or applications may be required to use certain functions of the service. You agree to abide by the terms and conditions of all end-user licensing agreements that accompany the software or plug-ins with this software, distributed or used in relation to the Services, including, but not only, the terms of use of web services,, as these agreements may be changed from time to time. All of these agreements are incorporated into this agreement by reference. When this contract expires, all end-user licenses will also be terminated and you agree to destroy all versions and copies of all software you have received in connection with the Services. it.c internal cable.

You can install wiring inside the premises (“Inside Wiring”), z.B. additional wiring and power sockets, provided this does not affect the normal operation of our cable network. If you install us, repair us or have the inside wiring maintained, we charge you for this service. No matter who installed it, Inside Wiring is your property or property, regardless of who owns the property. If you do not own the premises, contact your owner or site manager for the installation, repair or maintenance of Inside Wiring. E. Protecting our information and brands. All information, documents and documents contained on our websites are protected by trademark rights, copyright or other intellectual property laws and by international provisions of the treaty.

All websites, company names, service brands, trademarks, trade names, logos and domain names (together “Brands”) of us and our related companies are and remain our exclusive property. Nothing in this contract grants you the right or license to use any of the trademarks. For the voice. Except as described below, you can use Voice with your Inside Wiring phone as long as we have proper access and you have the right to give us access to it.