Artist Appearance Agreement

This document is 32 pages long and this bid agreement contains the option to choose certain clauses based on your circumstances. This presentation agreement also identifies key areas that require more information from you to better tailor the document to your situation. The manufacturer understands and has complied with the rules. The manufacturer guarantees the presentation of the manufacturer`s original work and that there is no dispute over the ownership of the deposit. The manufacturer ensures that the material submitted does not defame or violate the rights of a living or dead person. The manufacturer ensures that all rights, licences, releases and publications for all audio and archival films or videos used in production are guaranteed for all programs, including public television, cable rights and foreign television rights. The producer guarantees that the relevant appearance outputs have been ensured for all those submitted in the bid. The manufacturer has obtained all appropriate rights and permissions for copyrighted material (s). The producer has received all the necessary authorizations, authorizations, licenses, etc.

for the use of the program material contained in this program and will provide them at the request of the festival. The manufacturer guarantees that TasteTV, TCB CAFE CAFE Publishing – Media, MUSIC CALIFORNIA and all channel sponsors, partners, broadcast platforms or outlets are not responsible for proof of rights and shares. The producer fully compensates the shares of TasteTV, TCB CAFE Publishing – Media, MUSIC CALIFORNIA and all the channel`s sponsors, partners, broadcast platforms or outlets for such infringements. The producer agrees to compensate TasteTV (TM), TCB CAFE Publishing – Media, MUSIC CALIFORNIA and all sponsors of the channel, partners, broadcast platforms or outlets, and to defend it against all claims, claims, losses, damages, judgments, commitments and expenses (including legal fees) arising or related to any claims of third parties, whether they are unfounded or not , based on any material that will be presented to the channel.