West Coast Partnership Franchise Agreement

As stated in the reply – Can you provide a link to the edited copy of the franchise agreement concluded between First Trenitalia and the DfT? The West Coast Partnership (WCP) is a railway company in the United Kingdom for passenger trains on the West Coast Main Line (and its branches) between London Euston, the West Midlands, Shropshire, North Wales, Liverpool, Manchester, Carlisle, Edinburgh and Glasgow. It was founded in December 2019 and is currently operated by Avanti West Coast. In November 2016, the Department of Transport (DfT) announced that the InterCity West Coast franchise will be replaced by the West Coast Partnership, which will operate express services on the West Coast Main Line (WCML) and High Speed 2 (HS2). – The DfT has already had several months since signing the franchise in August to consult all the necessary things and publish them. Nothing prevents you from releasing the contract at the same time as responding to my request: “The first publication of the Avanti West Coast franchise agreement on the Ministry`s website allows anyone to see it at the same time and provide a clear and consistent approach.” As with other franchise awards, a “phase one review” of the competitive impact of the contract must be conducted by the Autorité de la concurrence et des marchés (Competition and Markets Authority). – The franchise has already begun. It`s amazing that the audience doesn`t even know what Avanti has to offer. The availability of the franchise agreement would allow the public to verify that the franchise obligations are respected. There is no justification for this reason: “It is important that we can publish the Avanti West Coast franchise agreement in the manner, form and time of our choosing. The DfT required the new operator to have experience with high-speed trains and infrastructure, so all bidders worked with an Asian or European high-speed operator. [3] [4] In June 2017, the DfT announced that three consortia had been pre-selected to apply for the franchise:[5][6] This agreement replaces the previous 2018 Direct Award Agreement on the West Coast, which expired on December 8, 2019.

In August 2019, the DfT announced that the FirstGroup/Trenitalia consortium was a successful bidder. [9] Trading under the name Avanti West Coast began operating the franchise on December 8, 2019. [10] At the time, it was expected that the first phase of HS2 would begin in 2026 with very fast services. The new franchise was originally scheduled to launch in September 2019 and initially operate seven years of WCML services until 2026, followed by five years as an integrated operator for WCML and HS2 (until 2031) – with the possibility for the Secretary of State to extend the term up to three years (until 2034). [1] [2] A copy of the franchise agreement between “First-Trenitalia” and the “Ministry of Transport” with information and names that will be with obscured if necessary. UK: Avanti West Coast was officially unveiled as the brand name of the new West Coast Partnership franchise on November 27. Joint venture partners FirstGroup and Italian national operator Trenitalia said that “Avanti is Italian for `Forward!` and reflects a mission to provide an innovative railway.