Warranties Agreement Deutsch

Some warranties require repairs to be made by an approved service provider. In such cases, the service by the staff or the unauthorized company may (cancel) the guarantee. However, under the Magnuson-Moss Act (a U.S. federal law that governs warranties that was passed in 1975), if the guarantee is not the full or partial payment of the work (to repair the device or system), it is the owner`s choice that provides the work, including the possibility of DO It Yourself repairs, in this case , the owner of the device will pay zero dollar for the work, but the company that provided the warranty must continue to make available free of charge to the owner all the parts necessary for the repair. Implicit guarantees are unwritten commitments arising from the nature of the transaction and the buyer`s intrinsic understanding, not explicit representations of the seller. In the United States, Article 2 of the Single Code of Commerce (adopted in each state with waiver) provides that the following two guarantees are implicit, unless they are expressly identified (. B, for example, an “as is” declaration): guarantees for newly created car plants generally range from one year to five years and, in some cases, extend even over 10 years. , typically with a mileage limit. Car warranties can be renewed by the manufacturer or other companies for an annual fee.

In the United States, various laws, including those of the Single Code of Commerce, provide tacit safeguards. [3] However, these unspoken guarantees have often been limited by disclaimers. In 1975, the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act was passed to strengthen safeguards for consumer products. [4] Among other things, unspoken statutory guarantees cannot be excluded where an explicit guarantee is offered and legal fees may be recovered. [4] In some countries, legal guarantees are required for the construction of new buildings and motor vehicles are subject to “lemon laws”. These types of warranties are provided for different products, but automotive and electronics are common examples. Guarantees sold through retailers such as Best Buy may, due to reverse competition, have a significant commission for the retailer. [12] For example, a car warranty from a car dealership can be awarded to subcontractors and vehicle repairs may be carried out at a lower rate, which could adversely affect the quality of service. At the time of repair, a fee may be withdrawn from the pocket for unexpected services performed outside the warranty conditions, or uncovered parts.