Skype Terms Of Agreement

3.6 Skype reserves the right to modify these TOS at any time. Your continued use of Skype software, as permitted, represents your consent to be bound under Broadcast`s revised terms of use. Skype is not responsible for the damage caused by the modification and/or termination of this broadcast usage data. 13.1.1 In some countries, Skype products may be provided by third-party skype, in which case you will be asked to accept your partner`s terms and conditions. If you do not agree to these conditions, you cannot use Skype products. In the event of contradictions, ambiguities or conflicts between the paragraphs of this Agreement and the paragraphs of the Third-Party Supplier Terms and Conditions, the general conditions of the third-party supplier apply to the extent necessary to resolve the conflict or inconsistency. b) number of participants. The number of participants allowed to a group video call varies from 3 to 10 at most depending on the requirements of the system. For more information, see 13.3 Skype software and sites may contain hyperlinks to other third-party sites. Skype is not responsible for these third-party websites or the availability of these websites and does not support any content or content on these third-party sites.

The use of each of these third-party sites is subject to the terms and conditions published on the relevant website. 3.1 Skype may make changes to these conditions from time to time. Skype publishes changes on Changes to fair dealing policies and/or additional conditions will be published on Skype`s website. Changes take effect when they are published. Please check the conditions regularly. You understand and accept that your express acceptance of the terms and conditions or your use of Skype software, products and/or websites after the publication date constitutes your consent to the Updated Terms. If you do not agree with the amended terms, you can terminate your relationship with Skype in accordance with paragraph 11 below. 21.1 Responsibility for related accounts. A “linked account” is a custom Microsoft account created and linked by a user who acts as the sole administrator of your Skype manager and not as a business entity. You can appoint additional administrators for your Skype manager, provided they agree to these terms.

You are responsible for the total use of Skype products and Skype software in connection with your linked accounts, including and without restriction actions and omissions of accounts related by additional administrators or users.