Lot Line Agreement

Most people often find it too difficult to say exactly where their ownership limits are without hiring a professional to conduct a land survey. If you decide to set up a licensed surveyor, he or she comes to your country and places brands that mark the boundaries of your land. A list of licensed surveyors near you can easily be found in your local phone book or on the Internet. It`s often best to call some of these companies, explain what you expect from them, and then hire the one you think is best for the job. If you think your neighbour is starting to use your land, even if it`s just a secondary thing, like building a fence in the wrong place or installing a drainage pipe that crosses the property`s border, you need to act immediately. Ownership limits are very important when it comes to using land, and even a small intervention by your neighbour in your country can have consequences that you cannot predict. Contact the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors for advice on resolving border disputes. Property lines, which go well beyond the previously surveyed line, may prefer one landowner over another. In this case, if the line can be approved and become an agreed limit, if both parties agree on the solution. In such cases, all parties involved are still subject to all municipal, national or federal laws that apply to the country concerned and must also sign a draw line so that the border can be maintained in court in the event of further dispute. The exchange of shares is what I would call a border adjustment.

It is alleged that there is no transfer of ownership under a boundary line agreement and that it is not necessary for this to be done in writing. I ask how a surveyor can recall this unwritten agreement. The parties agree that the legal boundary between the land within their respective registered titles and the “B” mark in the attached plan is indicated by the red line between those points. I agree with the last two gentlemen. Save a dish from the agreed line and exchange on both sides. If a correctant or a single page gives an act, it becomes chaotic. The two have to exchange deeds to make it work. As a general rule, you can avoid establishing a border agreement by informally talking to your neighbour.