Agreement Installation

Once all the program installation work has been done on the client`s website, the company makes all access information available to the customer and the client does not test the installed program for more than ten (10) business days. Once the tests have been completed, the results of the program installation on the client`s website are considered accepted by the client. After paying the full cost of the installation services, the customer provides the company with the following information: The company is not liable to the customer for damages and/or losses (including a disruption of the business, loss of information, loss of information, loss of profits, company reputation and other property damage) related to the Company`s use of the program installed on the Company`s website, including the installation and/or modification of PHP and/or MySQL settings. Subject to the terms of this agreement, the entity conducts a single installation of the program on the client`s website. The cost of services under this agreement is set on the company`s official website. Some PROTESTANT installation contracts require a “detailed fee,” sometimes referred to as “home measurement fees,” such as measuring and assessing space, determining the amount of installation equipment that may be required, and estimating the time it takes to install. The company performs a unique installation of the program on the customer`s website after the customer has paid the full installation fee. The loan materials mentioned above are and remain the exclusive property of CCC. The agreement should not be construed as a transfer of ownership of the equipment indicated to the CLIENT.

The device must not be moved or removed from the installation site listed below without CCC`s express and prior written consent. The client is committed to allowing CCC representatives access to premises during normal working hours to clean, inspect, use, exchange or remove their devices in accordance with this Agreement. This agreement is in accordance with the effective law of the Russian Federation and international agreements. CCC has installed on the surface of this document the devices under the term borrowing at the location indicated for the use of the CLIENT and undertakes to maintain the equipment free of charge to the CLIENT for the duration of the agreement (not included). This agreement involves the monthly purchase and exclusive use by the CLIENT of coffee and other related CCC supplies. Client recognizes that CCC reserves the right to terminate the contract with a notification, as described below, due to insufficient purchases of CCC deliveries or other factors considered to have a negative impact on delivery and maintenance costs. The CLIENT also acknowledges that a breach of the terms of this agreement, including the use of the coffee product of an alternative supplier, must be sufficient reason to terminate this contract. This Agreement is binding on both parties, their heirs, successors and beneficiaries of the assignment, and will remain fully in force and will remain in force as long as the equipment remains in client possession or until termination on the basis of termination, depending on the later date.