Account Agreement Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo can use technology for account detail notifications to review credit and debit payments, other banking transactions, account balances and services used to make suggestions based on this data. You can receive notifications of your account details while you are logged in to, by email or any other means. If we receive an invoice from your current account, money market or brokerage account and the funds available in that account are not sufficient to cover the payment, we can do so at our sole discretion: In general, a person authorized to this account is not required and is not responsible for outstanding balances or others of them or another authorized person. In the event of the death of all fully responsible cardholders, the privilege of authorized users automatically ends. After that, if a person uses the card, such use shows their consent to pay us, and we may, at our discretion, sue the person for payment of an outstanding balance or other fees that they authorize. You agree to inform any authorized person that they are subject to all applicable sections of this Agreement. You agree to provide us with certain personal data about each authorized user. You must have the permission of any authorized user to provide us with this personal data. This may include name, address, social security number, date of birth and nationality. If you violate the terms and conditions of this Agreement (including non-payment of taxes under an applicable pricing schedule) or any other agreement you have with us, you agree that we may suspend or suspend your access to any of your online financial accounts and services.

We do not have to reactivate or activate your access. In addition to this agreement, you may have a separate agreement with us for each of your online financial accounts and services. These agreements continue to apply to each of these accounts or services. If your eligible account has multiple owners, we can send account information to one of them. The person receiving the notification is responsible for making available to all joint account holders, delegates or others who have access to the online account or financial service. Every Wells Fargo investment manager or trust account you have with us is an eligible account, including fiduciary administration, investment management, trustees and certain deposit accounts. On the 25th anniversary of the main account holder, the account is automatically subject to the current monthly service charge, unless you complete one of the other options to avoid the monthly service charge. If you close all your eligible accounts, we suspend your access via your financial management software and/or you leave it.

For information on eligible accounts, please contact us at 1-800-956-4442. Important note for Quicken and QuickBooks users: Monthly service charges for online bank access via Quicken or QuickBooks are not proportionate. If you cancel your service in the middle of the cycle, a fee will be charged for the entire month. We are not responsible for errors, delays and other problems caused by or due to the action or inaction of financial institutions holding the non-Wells Fargo account, unless required by law or by law. While we will try to help you resolve these issues, you understand that these errors, delays or other problems are the responsibility of the financial institution concerned. Any rights you have against a financial institution as a result of such errors, delays or other problems are subject to the terms of the agreements you have with that financial institution, including the time frames during which claims must be filed.